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Copyright Liaison Librarians

Curriculum Materials Centre:
Beth Maddigan

Dr. C. R. Barrett Library:
Catherine Lawton

Ferriss Hodgett:
Crystal Rose

Health Sciences Library:
Michelle Swab

Music Resource Centre:
Becky Smith

QEII Library:
Patrick Gamsby

How We Can Help

Copyright Liaison Librarians can:

  • Help you avoid copyright infringement
  • Identify course content which is available electronically
  • Assist in finding new, alternate content if neccessary
  • Identify sources for copyright cleared images
  • Work with you and your instructional support on posting content

Check Permitted Uses

Check here for information regarding copyright policies and licenses for e-journals.  If no information is found, contact your Copyright Liaison Librarian (see left).


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Library Reserves & Copyright

Faculty are encouraged to contact their home library with a list of course materials to be placed on reserve and library staff will assist with the process. Alternately, faculty may use this form to request material be placed on Reserve.



In accordance with Memorial University’s Use of Copyright Materials Policy the Library will make the following available through Library Reserves:

Electronic Material

  • Links to material within our licensed electronic resources, such as our electronic journal subscriptions, where permitted
  • Links to material in the public domain  or covered by an appropriate Creative Commons license
  • Links to digital materials for which permission is required, has been granted, and a copy supplied to the library with the request to place the material on reserve.

Note:  Link to electronic content may also be embedded into course management systems or presentations.  See Creating Links to Online Resources for instructions.


Print Material

  • Personal material for which faculty own the copyright (e.g. lecture notes, assignments, solutions)
  • Original print books, journal issues or volumes, DVDs, CDs, etc.

o   Memorial University Libraries will purchase copies of original works not in their collections in order to place and original work on reserve, with the exception of textbooks adopted for courses.  Send requests to your copyright liaison librarian.

  • Photocopies of works in the public domain or covered by an appropriate Creative Commons license
  • Photocopies of copyright-protected works that were made in compliance with Memorial’s Fair Dealing Requirements. 


For all other inquiries please see Reserves Information for Faculty or call:

QEII Library 864-7423                      FHL Library 637-6200 ext. 6305

HSL Library 864-6070                       MI Library 778-0613