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Library Support for Copyright Compliance: Creating Links to Online Resources

Copyright Liaison Librarians

Curriculum Materials Centre:
Beth Maddigan

Dr. C. R. Barrett Library:
Catherine Lawton

Ferriss Hodgett:
Crystal Rose

Health Sciences Library:
Michelle Swab

Music Resource Centre:
Becky Smith

QEII Library:
Patrick Gamsby

How We Can Help

Copyright Liaison Librarians can:

  • Help you avoid copyright infringement
  • Identify course content which is available electronically
  • Assist in finding new, alternate content if neccessary
  • Identify sources for copyright cleared images
  • Work with you and your instructional support on posting content

Creating Links to Online Resources

While providing copies of full-text materials online may not be a permitted use, you may link to the content in D2L, MyGrenfell, PowerPoint or similar systems.

To ensure access, from both on and off campus, to the linked content, the library proxy must be added to the URL.  The proxy generator provided below will allow you to create the new, enhanced URL.

Note: All links in Library Ereserves are accessible from on and off campus.

Creating a Link for On and Off Campus Access

Simply paste in a resource URL  (DOI, persistant URL or browser URL) in the top box.  A newly created link, complete with proxy, will appear in the second box.  Copy and paste the proxy enhanced URL into D2L, MyGrenfell or your presentation.

Resource URL:
Proxy Enhanced URL:

Definitions and Examples

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI): An increasingly common type of persistent link. A DOI is a standardized method for identifying an electronic object.

Example: 10.1503/cmaj.100771

Persistant URL: A permanent URL listed in the article citation or abstract which may be labeled "Stable URL", "Document URL", "Persistent Link" or something similar, depending on the database platform.


Browser URL: the online address displayed at the top of your web browser window (IE, Firefox, etc.).  Warning: these links are often valid for a short time only.  Use a DOI or persistant URL wherever available.



Please test all proxy enhanced links before distribution. Problems are not infrequent. For assistance contact your Library Copyright Liaison.