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Finding Geological Publications: Geological Surveys

Geological Survey of Canada

Natural Resources Canada, Earth Sciences Sector (ESS) links -


- bibliographic database for GSC scientific publications.

GEOSCAN is a comprehensive listing; not all GSC scientific publications are freely available online. 

 GSC Publications and Reports 

Major Publication series of the GSC, with call numbers for these publications in the Memorial University Libraries' collections

  • Memoir: QE185 .A2 [4th floor, Queen Elizabeth II Library]
  • Paper: QE185 .A42 [4th floor, Queen Elizabeth II Library]
    • Current Research: Periodicals [1st floor, Queen Elizabeth II Library]

(NOTE: Memoirs and Papers are no longer published, they have been incorporated into the Bulletin series)

  • Bulletin. QE185 .A43 [4th floor, Queen Elizabeth II Library] Many recent Bulletins are available as downloads from the "Full Description" page.
  • "A" Series Map. {Queen Elizabeth II Library   Map Room] Many recent maps are also available to download online.

GSC reports that cover Newfoundland geology are available for use in the Centre for Newfoundland Studies.

Geological Survey of Newfoundland & Labrador

NL Department of Natural Resources links -

GeoScience OnLine

GeoScience OnLine portal provides the main access to a number of Mines Branch services (e.g. Geoscience Atlas, Claim Staking, GeoFiles Search, Mineral Occurrences Search) as well as national GIS resources (e.g. Geogratis free topographic data, Canadian Geoscience database).

  • The Geoscience Atlas provides direct access to digital data, maps, reports and images for viewing and download. 


  • extensive repository of documents on the geoscience of Newfoundland & Labrador
  • covers mineral-exploration assessment reports, published reports & maps, open file reports & maps, university theses, books & book excerpts and unpublished reports & maps
  • the GeoFiles database may be searched by bibliographic terms (e.g., author, title, date) geographic terms (e.g., NTS, area, province) geological terms (e.g., rock type, formation name, geological age) and mineral exploration term (e.g., deposit name, survey type).
  • new Geoscience publications & open files are available online; older Department documents are being added.  
  • over 97% of non-confidential assessment files are available online.  Newly-posted assessment files can be found here.

Reports & maps from Geological Survey of Newfoundland & Labrador, including older Geofiles on microfiche, are available for use in the Centre for Newfoundland Studies.

U.S. Geological Survey

Major Publications of the USGS:


Print in QEII Library: QE75.B9 
Free downloads from USGS Publications Warehouse

Professional Papers:

Print in QEII Library: QE75.P96 
Free downloads from USGS Publications Warehouse

+ 46 other publication series covering Biology, Geography, Geology, Geospatial Information, Hydrology (water) in the United States and beyond!

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Canadian Provincial Geological Surveys

Geological Surveys

New publications of the USGS

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State Geological Surveys