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Finding Geological Publications: Reference

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Reference Universe

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, etc

Selected Earth Science Reference Books 

A dictionary of geology and earth sciences

  • covers geology and related areas including planetary science, volcanology palaeontology, and mineralogy. 

Glossary of Geology (5th Ed. - American Geological Institute)

  • indispensable reference tool contains nearly 40,000 entries, including 3,600 new terms and nearly 13,000 entries with revised definitions 

Encyclopedia of sedimentology

  • Available Queen Elizabeth II Library   Stacks   QE471 .E49

Encyclopedia of sediments and sedimentary rocks

  • Available Queen Elizabeth II Library   Reference   QE471.2 .E53 2003  

Encyclopedia of Geology

  • covers all aspects of geology: earth history, earth materials, surface processes, regional geology, economic geology, engineering geology, petroleum geology, geochemical & mineral exploration, and the history of geology. Also available Queen Elizabeth II Library   Reference   QE5 .E5165 2005

Encyclopedia of Soil Science

  • comprehensive, alphabetical treatment of basic soil science in a single volume -- covers the salient aspects of soil physics, chemistry, biology, fertility, technology, genesis, morphology, classification and geomorphology. Also available Queen Elizabeth II Library   Reference   S592 .E53 2002

Encyclopedia of the solar system

  • every object in the solar system is covered by at least one chapter -- relationships among the objects in the solar system and with the galaxy beyond -- filled with images, illustrations, and charts to aid in understanding. 

Encyclopedia of islands

  • authoritative, alphabetically arranged reference, featuring more than 200 succinct articles -- broad coverage of all the island sciences. Also available Queen Elizabeth II Library   Reference   GB471 .E53 2009 

Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism

  • authoritative reference encompasses the entire fields of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism in a single volume -- describes state of the current knowledge and provides an up-to-date synthesis of the most basic concepts. 

Environmental Geology Handbook of Field Methods and Case Studies

  • principle of the methods, applications, fundamentals, instruments, survey practice, processing and interpretation of the data, quality assurance, personnel, equipment, time needed, examples, references & sources for further reading. Also available Queen Elizabeth II Library Reference   QE38 .E58 2007  

Encyclopedia of Coastal Science

  • interdisciplinary approach that includes geomorphology, ecology, engineering, technology, oceanography, and human activities as they relate to coasts. Also available Queen Elizabeth II Library   Reference   TC203.7 .E53 2005