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FOLK 2100: Research Methods (Gould) Winter 2021: Help

Retrieved from Digital Archives Initiative, Memorial University:

Help for Newfoundland topics

Contact the Centre for Newfoundland Studies (CNS) at if you are having trouble finding NL resources. Be sure to describe your project in detail in your e-mail, including where you have already searched and what keywords you used.

If the material you need is not available online, you may be able to book an appointment to use it in person WHEN THE LOCKDOWN HAS BEEN LIFTED. You cannot borrow items from CNS; they must be used in the Centre.

Chat with us

For immediate help, try our chat service, available 7 days a week.

Ask Us

To ask questions by e-mail, contact E-mail is answered Monday-Friday 9-5.

To book a one-on-one online appointment:

To follow up on topics raised during the library research class, contact Wendy Rodgers at (Please note: I cannot guarantee a quick reply. For faster help, please use our Chat Help service.)