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How To Find Book Reviews: Home

What You Need To Know About Your Book

1. The original publication date

A book is usually reviewed within 1-2 years of its publication date. Look at both the title and copyright pages to find the earliest date (i.e., not a reprint or new edition). If you are unsure about when the book was first published, look it up in the library catalogue or search the web using the title and author.

2. The main author

There may be more than one author listed. You can usually find reviews by using the author who first appears on the book cover or its title page.

3. The original title

If a book was originally published in another language, reviewers may refer to the book by either its translated title or its original foreign-language name. If you cannot find reviews using the translated name, try the original name.

Try This First!

Book Review Digest Plus covers 1905-present.

Book Review Digest Plus

Getting Started

Some resources contain only book reviews. Book Review Digest Plus is one of them. Try it in the search box above!

Book Review Index is another resource that contains only book reviews. It is a print resource that covers 1965-present.

Other resources are focused on a particular subject area and contain book reviews, among other types of materials. They are organized in the tabs above by subject area, or you use these links: Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, or Science & Technology.

Are you looking for reviews of a Canadian book? Check out our Canadian page!

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