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Open Access and Scholarly Communications: Author Fund

Initiatives from Memorial Libraries that support research, teaching & learning in the digital world.

Applying to the Fund

STEP 1: Please make sure that the journal to which you are submitting your article meets our fund criteria. 

STEP 2: Once your article has been fully accepted, apply for funding by filling out the application form with details of your accepted publication. Please use your MUN email when filling out the application.

STEP 3: The library will respond to the application within five business days. If your application is successful we will provide you with invoicing information to be passed along to your publisher. 

STEP 4: Your publisher will have to send the author fees invoice to the library, and we will pay the invoice directly. PLEASE DO NOT PAY YOUR OWN INVOICE. We have no mechanism by which to reimburse authors who have paid their own fees. The library must pay the invoice directly.

"Gold" Open Access Journals

You may wish to ensure that a journal title meets our journal eligibility criteria before you submit your work.


Tips for identifying “gold” open access journals:

The Directory of Open Access Journals is a good place to find “gold” open access publishing options in your field.

Certain publishers, like Public Library of Science (PLoS), Biomed Central (BMC) and Hindawi, specialize in open access publications.

Titles that apply Creative Commons licensing to all of their content are typically “gold” OA journals. 

Fund Update

Update - July 20, 2021

The Open Access Author Fund
is now closed for the fiscal year. 

All allocated funding has been spent. 

Previously approved articles will still be funded.

Fund Criteria

Memorial University Libraries have established an Open Access Author Fund in order to encourage MUN scholars to publish their work Open Access and to assist with the payment of associated Article Processing Charges (APCs).

Who can apply?

All Memorial faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, post-docs, emeriti, and honorary research profs who are primarily affiliated with MUN and have had a peer-reviewed article accepted to an Open Access journal that meets the funding criteria are eligible. Recent graduates can apply up to one year after their convocation, provided they have no other funding sources, their work was conducted at Memorial University, and they list Memorial University as the affiliation.

Only the corresponding author is eligible to apply for the Open Access Author Fund.

Only one article will be funded per author per year.

Memorial University Libraries will fund a maximum of $3000 USD per year for each researcher, at a maximum of $3000 USD per article.

The fund will be disbursed on a first come, first served basis.

What does the fund cover?

The fund will cover Author Processing Charges (also called author’s fees or page fees) for articles that have been accepted to “gold” open access journals that meet the following criteria:

a) Journal content is peer-reviewed.

b) The journal is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals ( and openly adheres to rigorous editorial and publication ethics (for example: COPE Core Practices and the COPE/DOAJ/OASPA/WAME Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing).

c) Journal does not charge subscription fees for any of its content. All articles are immediately available online at no cost to the reader.

d) Author retains copyright over his or her work. (e.g. The journal uses Creative Commons licensing or similar.)

Other conditions:

A copy of the funded paper must be submitted by OA Fund recipients to the Memorial University Research Repository immediately after initial publication.

What's Not Covered

The OA author's fund has two main objectives:

  • to nurture a true Open Access publishing environment wherein readers do not pay for access, and
  • to encourage authors to retain copyright so they can release their work under Creative Commons licensing.

The fund will not cover open access author fees in gated or hybrid journals. Gated journals are those that require subscription payments before most of their articles can be read. Hybrid journals are those that charge subscription fees for most content, but will make an article available through open access if the author pays a fee. For more on why hybrid journals are not funded, see the article Why hybrid journals do not lead to full and immediate Open Access.

You should also be aware of predatory open access publishers that exploit the author-pays model of open access publishing for their own profit.  Articles submitted to suspected predatory journals will not be funded. Please consult Think. Check. Submit. to help determine the legitimacy of a journal.

Funded Articles Added to the Research Repository

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Memorial University has an institutional account with PeerJ. The funds are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis. More details can be found on the PeerJ website.

MUN Publications Subvention Program

MUN also has a Publications Subvention Program that gives priority to book-length manuscripts, but will take journal articles into consideration if funds permit.