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Fisheries Ecosystems Research: Journals and E-journals


Our library has many e-journals you can browse online.

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Scholarly versus Popular Periodicals
A scholarly journal is generally one that is published by and for scholars. Scholarly journal articles will almost always

  • present original or previously unpublished research
  • contain information on the author (including academic credentials & affiliations)
  • contain footnotes and a bibliography

A popular magazine is one published for the general public. Popular magazine articles tend to

  • synthesize information and research presented elsewhere
  • be shorter in length and contain pictures and advertisements
  • be written by staff writers or reporters whose credentials are not listed

A popular book is also published for the general public or, often, for a non-academic audience. Popular books are often:

  • written for an author with no scholarly affiliation or expertise
  • written at a general or non-specialized reading level, often containing no references to consulted sources. Because popular books are written for the general public, for younger audiences, or for non-academic audiences, they generally contain no scholarly language or terminology related to a specific academic specialty or discipline.
  • published by popular presses as opposed to scholarly or university presses.

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