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Canadian Statistics : National Household Survey 2011

Information about the National Household Survey

Between May and August 2011, Statistics Canada conducted the National Household Survey (NHS) for the first time. This voluntary, self-administered survey was introduced as a replacement for the 2011 long census questionnaire, which was not conducted in 2011. The NHS is designed to collect social and economic data about the Canadian population.

The NHS questionnaire contained 64 questions and included the following topics:

     Basic demographics

     Families& Households

     Activity limitations

     Ethnic diversity & immigration


     Aboriginal peoples

     Mobility & migration



     Place of work & commuting to work

     Income & earnings

     Housing & shelter costs


National Household Survey (NHS)

Geographic Area Suppression Lists

In order to ensure non-disclosure of individual respondent identity and characteristics and to limit the dissemination of data of unacceptable quality, geographic area are suppressed or removed from the data and analytical products. If you are unable to find statistics for a specific geogrpahic area check the  Geographic area suppression lists to determine that the statistics are in fact avaiable for that area.

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