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Canadian Statistics : General

Census of Canada

• 2021 Census release schedule

Census data highlights.  Fast, easy, good place to start:

Socio-economic Statistics


Search CBCA Complete below to find journal, magazine and newspaper articles, as well as articles from other news sources. These can provide statistics and background information.

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Tips for finding books

Use the search box in the section below to find books in the MUN Libraries. Books may provide statistical analysis as well as statistics.  

To find books, change the dropdown menu from Books, Articles, & More to Catalogue.

A sample search:
immigra* AND canad* AND statistic*.

Note that * is a wildcard that searches for multiple endings for each word.


Find books, articles, and more in OneSearch.

Data Files

Data are the raw numbers from which statistics are generated.  Data files require software programs such as SPSS to read and analyze data.  The major source of data available to the Memorial community is from Statistics Canada's Data Liberation Initiative.  For access to data files please contact the QEII Information Services Office at 864-7427 or e-mail

Data Services at Memorial University Library links to more information about the Data Liberation Initiative as well as other data sources.

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