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Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) composers, music, and musicians

Use this guide to explore the diversity of composers, music, and musicians in the resources from Memorial University Libraries and beyond.

Sources for Discovering Diverse Repertoire

Finding a composer or composition from these or other underrepresented groups may require some additional research.  There are many web-based resources that can help identify what exists.  Once a composer or work is identified, you can search OneSearch to see if the Music Resource Centre has a physical score or if we have access to it electronically.  If we don't have it, you can try Document Delivery or suggest a purchase by emailing

Featured site:

Institute for Composer Diversity

  • This site offers three databases to encourage the discovery of works by underrepresented groups.  These databases include the Composer Diversity Database, the Works Diversity Database, and the Choral Diversity Database.
  • A Spotlights page highlights works by Black composers for various instruments (currently woodwinds and brass but more are coming).
  • Further resources include Best Practices for diverse programming and audio and video options.


Online Resources:

Composers of Color Resource Project

  • Provides a list of composers of color in chronological order.
  • Additionally, has resources for the study of music theory using works by the composers listed, as well as annotated scores and lesson plans.

Music by Black Composers

  • Under the Resources menu, this site provides directories for both living and historic composers.

Resources for Diversity in Early Music Repertoire

  • Provides information on diverse composers active before 1850.

Selected Anthologies

Below are some compilations of various works.