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About HathiTrust

HathiTrust logoHathiTrust is a partnership of academic and research institutions, offering a large collection of items digitized from libraries around the world. As a HathiTrust member, Memorial University has access to millions of digitized items that can be used in different ways depending on their copyright status.

Full view (unrestricted and public domain) works

Read and download 3 million+ items that are not covered by current copyright restrictions.

This includes:

  • Canadian or Australian work published prior to 1902
  • U.S. works published prior to 1927
  • Works published in the rest of the world prior to 1897
  • Open access or Creative Commons-licensed work

Limited search (copyright protected) works

Items that are covered by current copyright restrictions can be searched in HathiTrust, but not read or downloaded. Limited search can still be a useful tool for determining if an item is relevant to your research. If you locate an item through limited search that you'd like to read, you can search for that item in OneSearch and submit a Document Delivery request to have an item borrowed from another institution, or contact the Libraries and we'll help you access a copy.

Text mining and analysis

While items covered by current copyright restrictions cannot be read or downloaded, everything in HathiTrust, including in-copyright and public domain items, can be used for “non-consumptive” research. "Non-consumptive" means research conducted through computational analysis of one or more volumes of work through the HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC). Text and data mining are common forms of non-consumptive research. Non-consumptive research excludes work that requires a researcher to read or display substantial portions of rights-restricted works.

Get help

If you have problems or questions about accessing items in the HathiTrust digital library, contact us.

If you have questions about using HathiTrust materials for non-consumptive research like text mining, contact Kathryn Rose (


This guide has been adapted from content created by colleagues at Western Libraries and Queen's University Library.