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HathiTrust: Searching

Searching HathiTrust

Log in to HathiTrust through their website. Select the yellow "Log In" button and search for "Memorial University of Newfoundland" in the dropdown menu of partner institutions. Sign in with your MUN Login ID and you will be redirected to the HathiTrust homepage as a member.

Catalog search

Select the catalog search option to search by keyword in fields like author, title, and subject. Check the "Full View Only" option to ensure that your search will only return items that you have full access to.

Full-text search

A full-text search looks within an item to see how many times your keyword(s) or key phrase appears in the entire text of that item. Check the "Full View Only" option to ensure that your search will only return items that you have full access to.

You can also perform full-text searches within collections.

Limited search

If the "Full View Only" option is not checked when you search, you may see "Limited (search-only)" items that are covered by current copyright restrictions. For those items, you can see basic information such as title, author, and publication date, but you won’t be able to read the full contents or download the item. This limited search feature can help you determine if the items are actually relevant to your research even if your access through HathiTrust is limited. If you locate an item through limited search that you'd like to read, you can search for that item in OneSearch and submit a Document Delivery request to have an item borrowed from another institution, or contact the Libraries and we'll help you access a copy.

Search tips

  • Phrase searching: Use quotes to search an exact phrase: e.g., "progressive education"
  • Wildcards: Use * or ? to search for alternate forms of a word.
    • Use * to stand for several characters: e.g., optim* will return results with the words optimal, optimize, and optimum.
    • Use ? to stand for a single character: e.g.,  wom?n will return results with the words woman and women.
    • To browse without entering a search term, enter * by itself.
  • Boolean searching: Use AND and OR (capitalized) between words to combine them with Boolean logic:
    • Heart OR cardiac will find works containing the word heart or the word cardiac
    • Heart AND cardiac will find works containing both words.
    • Use a minus symbol (-) to remove words from your results: e.g., heart  -cardiac will find works containing the word "heart" that do not include the word "cardiac."
  • Nested searching: Nest terms using parentheses, e.g., (heart OR cardiac) AND surgery will find works about heart surgery or cardiac surgery.
  • Advanced full-text search: In advanced full-text search, you can also use the "all of these words" option instead of the Boolean AND or "any of these words" instead of the Boolean OR.

Find additional search tips on the HathiTrust website.

Alumni and guests

Users with a current MUN Login ID won't be able to log in to HathiTrust as a Memorial University member. Without a MUN Login ID, you can still use some features of the digital library:

  • Read and view works that are “full-view” in your web browser
  • Search within works that are “limited (search-only)”
  • Download a single page at a time from works that have download restrictions
  • Download an entire work that doesn’t have any download restrictions, such as those with a Creative Commons license