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Subject abbreviations

Subject Abbreviation
Anthropology ANTH
Aquaculture AQUA
Archaeology ARCH
Biochemistry BIOC
Biology BIOL
Marine Biology BMRN
Business & Org. Mgmt. BSMG
Business Administration BUSI
Business Admin (Grenfell) BUSN
Cognitive & Behaviour Ecology CABE
Chemistry CHEM
Classics CLAS
Scientific Computing CMSC
Communication Skills CMSK
Communication Studies CMST
Instrumentation and Controls CNTL
Computer Science COMP
Earth Sciences EASC
Economics ECON
Education ED
Educ.&Francophone Lit. & Cult. EFLC
Electrotechnology ELTK
Electronics ELTR
Employment Relations EMRE
Engineering ENGI
English ENGL
Engineering Graphics ENGR
English as a Second Language ENGS
Engineering Systems ENSY
Environmental Policy ENVP
Environmental Science ENVS
Ethnomusicology ETMU
Environmental Studies EVST
Food Technology FDTE
Fire Fighting FIRE
Fluids FLDS
Folklore FOLK
French FREN
Geography GEOG
German GERM
Gender Studies GNDR
Grad Studies GRAD
History HIST
Human Kinetics and Recreation HKR
Humanities HUMN
Interdisciplinary INTE
Italian ITAL
Linguistics LING
Law and Society LWSO
Mathematics MATH
Mechanics MECH
Medicine MED
Marine Environment MENV
Post Graduate Certificate MIPG
Mobility MOBI
Marine Eng. Knowledge MREK
Medieval Studies MST
Maritime Stds/Tech Mgmt MSTM
Materials and Processes MTPR
Music MUS
Naval Architecture NARC
Nautical Science NASC
Nursing NURS
Ocean Sciences OCSC
Ocean Mapping OMAP
Oceanography ONGR
Orientation ORTN
Pharmacy PHAR
Health Privacy Law Training PHIA
Philosophy PHIL
Physics PHYS
Police Studies PLST
Political Science POSC
Psychology PSYC
Quality Assurance QLAS
Religious Studies RELS
Remotely Oper Vehicle Operator ROVO
Russian RUSS
Science SC
Social/Cultural Studies SCS
Social Work SCWK
Safety SFTY
Sociology SOCI
Spanish SPAN
Resource Management SRM
Mathematics - Statistics STAT
Theatre THEA
Theoretical Physics THPH
Technical Project TKPR
Thermodynamics TRMO
Tourism TRSM
Undergraduate Studies UGRD
University UNIV
Visual Arts VART
Workshop Practice WKPR
Work Term WKTM
Women's Studies WSTD