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Standards at the Memorial University Libraries: Standards

Find Standards by International Classification for Standards (ICS) Codes

Standards at the Memorial University Libraries

The Memorial University Libraries hold thousands of standards in online or print editions. To find a standard in the Library, first check -

  1. The Library Cataloguethe library catalogue can be searched for copies of Print Standards. When searching, make sure to note the year of publication and ensure that the standard being access is the most up-to-date version.
  2. IHS Engineering Workbenchthis online tool allows users to search for a variety of standards in one place. To access this resource off campus, users will first need to create an account.

When a required standard cannot be found in the Memorial University Libraries' collections, please Recommend a Purchase.

Find additional information about standards on the web pages of individual Standards Development Organizations.


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Voluntary Consensus Standards

This guide deals mainly with voluntary consensus standards [VCS] developed by national and international Science / Technology / Medical standards development organizations [SDOs]. 

“Voluntary consensus standards developed by industry in accordance with procedures for due process, openness and consensus are often subsequently adopted by the government as part of the regulatory framework.” VCSs are not laws, but some may be referenced or incorporated in regulations, e.g. Canadian electrical code.

Requests for proposals and contracts for services frequently cite standards which must be met. Engineering societies support members who develop products that meet their standards. In legal cases, this protection can be very important.

Reference: American National Standards Institute (2004b). Standards activities overview