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Research Data Management: How the Library can Help

Data Guides and More Help

Several university libraries and library associations have developed or sponsored courses, tutorials, videos and research guides about data management.

The Library Can Help

The idea of creating and following a data management plan can be a bit overwhelming, but will help you immensly as your progress through your research project. The library can help you throughout the data lifecycle. We can help by: 

  • Providing assistance with writing Data Management Plans
  • Advising on Best Practices
  • Advising and assisting with data documentation and metadata 
  • Assisting with choosing a data repository
  • Finding existing data sets
  • Providing assistance with creating data citations
  • Providing avenues to share your data 

For help with any of the above, or inquiries related to data that are not covered here, please contact Alison Farrell at 864-4908 or


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