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Citation Management

Finding Full Text

Some citation managers can locate the full text PDF version of citations, but there are typically special parameters that need to be set up in the software before you can use this feature.



If you wish to download full-text PDFs in Zotero, it is recommended that you do so by using the Zotero Connector from on campus or via Memorial's virtual private network (VPN). The Zotero Connector will add PDFs automatically as you add citations to your library, if you have it set up to do so.

To enable this feature in your Zotero preferences:

In your Zotero desktop application, open the Edit menu and select Preferences.

On the General tab, make sure the following settings are selected:

  • Automatically attached associated PDFs and other files when saving items
  • Automatically retrieve metadata for PDFs

You may also try locating PDFs by right-clicking on an article in your Zotero library and choosing "Find available PDF"; however, this is unlikely to work as well as the Zotero Connector method described above.

Library Lookup

You can use Zotero's library lookup feature to search for the full text of items in Memorial Libraries' collection.

To use this feature, you need to connect Zotero to Memorial Libraries using an OpenURL link resolver.

In your Zotero desktop application, open the Edit menu and select Preferences.

On the Advanced tab, in the OpenURL section, set the Resolver field to:

Screenshot of the Advanced tab of the Zotero preferences

Once you have updated this setting, you can use the library lookup feature to search for an article in Memorial Libraries' OneSearch. To do so, click on the citation you are looking for, then click the green arrow at the top of your Zotero screen.

Screenshot of the Zotero library lookup menu, found by clicking the green arrow that the top of the Zotero window.


EndNote Desktop

To use EndNote's Find Full Text feature, edit the following settings:

From the EndNote Menu, select Edit > Preferences > Find Full Text

Make sure the OpenURL checkbox and all other full text search options are selected (Web of Science, DOI, PubMed).

OpenURL Path:

Authenticate with URL:

For more information on using this feature, see: FAQ: Full Text & PDF

EndNote's Find Full Text feature will not work for some articles. You may have to search for and locate the full text manually in OneSearch or a relevant library database, then download it and attach it to the relevant record in EndNote.