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Celebrating culture at the Library

Check it Out! is an initiative created by Memorial University Libraries that aims to engage with multiple communities including the public, students, staff, faculty and alumni in new, multidisciplinary and meaningful ways, while advocating for libraries and showcasing our services and collections.

Check it out! was launched in 2013 and has held several events, featuring an array of performers, scholars and librarians, that maintains the following goals;

• to advocate for the importance of libraries, and the unique role they fill in bringing people and information together

• to attract people, from inside and outside Memorial University, to the library, and to engage the users already there

• to creatively promote library collections through scholarly conversation and performing arts

• to highlight librarian expertise and services available through MUN Libraries

• to create meaningful interactions with our academic partners

• to shape a new and evolving story of what libraries mean in a modern context

• to use library space in innovative ways

Check it Out! would like to thank the Office of Public Engagement for their continued support. For more information about the Office of Public Engagement, visit here

Check it Out! Members:Patrick Gamsby, Collen Quigley, Kristine Power, Kate Shore, Michelle Swab, Louise White, Keith Hannaford