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Systematic, Scoping, and Rapid Reviews

The Review Team

In most cases, systematic and scoping reviews are conducted by a team of people with different areas of expertise.

Team members usually include:

  • Subject expert(s) - have expertise in the topic being researched and familiarity with the literature (key terminology, journals, authors, etc.)
  • Librarian - develops the search strategy in consultation with other team members; runs searches; provides citations for screening; contributes to methods
  • Statistician - has expertise in pooling the results of quantitative studies for meta-analysis (a statistician is not normally a member of a scoping review team)
  • Screeners - may or may not be subject experts; often a role for students

Cochrane review teams are encouraged to include consumers and clinicians representing different regions and settings.

One person should be identified as the primary contact and project lead. This is usually the principal investigator / subject expert. Ideally, this person should be well versed in review methodology.