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Finding Library Resources (POSC and Law & Society): Home

An overview of library resources available to POSC 2800 and 3810

Guide overview

This online guide contains information about how to start your research, and how to access Library resources. 

In the middle column, you will see resources to help you identify peer-reviewed journals, how to evaluate different kinds of sources, and where to find more about citation formats.  There are also links to other POSC and L&S subject guides.

In the column on the right, you will see resources about how to search OneSearch, the Library catalogue, as well as other Political Science and newspaper Databases.

If you have questions about research, or library services please click here to contact the library

If you  have questions about Library services during the Pandemic, see the Library FAQ


Finding Canadian Hansard (Debates) and other Government Documents

How Research Sources Differ

Reference sources (encyclopedias, dictionaries...)

  • Provide a broad overview of a subject
  • Provide you with background information - the general knowledge and vocabulary you need to help you understand more scholarly sources
  • Help you define terms and interpret concepts


  • More in-depth coverage than a reference source gives
  • Explore and analyze a topic
  • Can help you to clarify and narrow down your research topic

Periodical articles

  • Provide information on very specific topics, or specific details of a broader subject
  • Good source for criticism, synthesis, and analysis of a topic
  • New articles often contain the most current research on a topic


  • Can be used at various points in the research process
  • Some give good general knowledge, some more specific
  • User beware! Lots of unreliable information out there...

Identifying Scholarly Periodicals

Evaluating other sources


More POSC and L&S-related Guides

Using OneSearch


Find books, articles, and more in OneSearch.

Find articles and more

Search two major Political Science databases at once: PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service) and Worldwide Political Science Abstracts.

To search more Political Science library databases, go here

How to Find POSC and L&S Databases

How to search a Proquest Database (for POSC and L&S)

A Guide for finding newspapers (POSC and L&S)